Oral History Project

Mi’kmaw Oral History Picture Project

In 2007/2008 the province-wide Mi’kmaq Oral History Picture Project intended to collect and archive photographs that demonstrate use and occupation by Mi’kmaw people of the land and resources within the province. Most of the photographic material was gained through interviews and discussions with community members throughout the province. The researchers visited participants in their homes, used portable scanners to replicate on-site photos they wanted to share, and record context information relating to the images such as who took the photograph, who was in the picture and where and when it was taken, as well any other additional information people wished to share was appreciated and recorded.


The locations of these snapshots of Mi’kmaw land use activities were then incorporated into the GIS data base and thereby mapped. The photos serve to tie a visual record to that use and, in a manner, illustrate the Traditional Use data collected earlier. A secondary goal of this project is to use the information for educational purposes relating to land use and activity. In this regard, we may create and/or publish educational materials of the visual images and pictures we have acquired throughout the project along with the stories that go with them to help tell the story of Mi’kmaq use and activity throughout Nova Scotia