Ongoing Projects

Atlantic Salmon ATK Research and Habitat Stewardship:

Documenting ATK (Aboriginal Traditional Knowledge) relating to Atlantic salmon and incorporating this traditional knowledge into recovery strategies for this threatened species. Fostering stewardship motivation and science-based skills among Mi’kmaw youths by providing hands-on workshops in technical environmental monitoring and rehabilitation techniques.  AFSAR (Aboriginal Funds for Species at Risk) and HSP (Habitat Stewardship Programme) initiatives through Environment Canada/Fisheries & Oceans Canada”
MAPS Salmon ATK Announcement

Mi’kmaw Ecological Knowledge Study (MEKS):

Mi’kmaw Ecological Knowledge Studies. These studies gather and document the collective body of ecological knowledge relating to specific areas or species. These studies may form part of environmental impact statements or assessments of proposed development projects, or recovery initiatives for species at risk”.
If you are (or have been) hunting, fishing, or gathering any plants or other resources in this area, please contact our office to let us know, or tell us about it on our facebook page.

Climate Change Adaptation Project:

Developing in collaboration with Applied Geomatics Research Group a digital flood risk assessment and prediction model for the Mi’kmaw community of Indian Brook, NS

Innu History Commemoration:

Proposing community-identified site(s) in Labrador as National Historic Site(s) commemorating Innu history and culture. Parks Canada Agency, St. John’s NL.

Pjila’si Mikma’ki: Mi’kmaw Place Names Digital Atlas and Website Project.

A project by Saint Mary’s University’s Gorsebrook Research Institute, in cooperation with the Tripartite Forum Culture and Heritage Committee, the Mikmaw Association of Cultural Studies, the Confederacy of Mainland Mi’kmaq, Parks Canada Agency, the Nova Scotia Museum, and MAPS.Pjilasi Mikmaki flyer Nov 2011