Mi’kmaq Ecological Knowledge Study Protocol
(MEKSprotocol) 1.1MB

Mi’kmaq Ethics Watch, Research Principles & Protocols
(Mikmaw Research Principles) 139KB

GIS Applications In Aboriginal Claims Research & Negotiations in Canada –
Prospects and Problems
Pjilasi Mikmaki flyer Nov 2011 807KB

Chief Kerry’s Moose

Oral History and the Mi’kmaq Land Claim
Michael_Oral_History.pdf 1.1MB

Eels (Ka’t) in Trouble?
MAPS_Eel-ATK_flyer1.pdf 233KB

Eels and Eeling by Mainland Nova Scotia Mi’kmaq
MAPS_Eel ATK rept_MMNN.pdf 1.43KB

Mi’kmaq and the American Eel
MAPS_Mikmaq and the American Eel.pdf 1.6MB

Mi’kmaw and the Atlantic Salmon

Black Point Quarry MEKS Announcement

Pjila’si Mikma’ki:
Mi’kmaw Place Names Digital Atlas and Website info
(a project by Saint Mary’s University’s Gorsebrook Research Institute, in cooperation with the Tripartite Forum Culture and Heritage Committee, the Mikmaw Assoc. of Cultural Studies, the Confederacy of Mainland Mi’kmaq, Parks Canada Agency, the Nova Scotia Museum, and MAPS)
Pjilasi Mikmaki flyer Nov 2011.pdf 108MB